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Clinical Medicine

As a physician, my experience caring for my patients informs the way I approach healthcare systems. My on-the-ground experience gives me a privileged perspective into the way systems are succeeding and where they are failing caregivers and patients. My time in practice settings ranging from maternity wards, ERs, ICUs, and operating suites has afforded me insight into the spectrum of practice patterns and styles across specialties and contexts. Ultimately, this knowledge informs the way I evaluate proposed solutions and gives me a unique ability to identify opportunities as well as potential pitfalls. It also allows me to communicate more effectively with caregivers from a variety of backgrounds, including nurses, therapists, advanced practice providers, and other physicians.


In 2011, the US Army Public Health Command Region-Europe was facing a problem with their five wellness centers. While overall client satisfaction was good, there were long waits for programs. Additionally, due to increased enlistment in the early 2000s, fitness test scores were falling, degrading force readiness. Because of my background in public health and program evaluation, I was brought in to perform a qualitative analysis of the available programs and to make recommendations for improving the effectiveness of these resources. Based on current guidelines and best practices, the recommendation was made to standardize programming across sites, decreasing administrative load for trainers. Additionally, group training was emphasized as a way to deliver programming of similar efficacy to a wider audience, as well as a method to leverage the existing organizational structure and culture of the Army.


I have been involved with biotech ventures since 2004, when I worked for Phoenix Biometrics, a project to develop a next-gen chemical sensor using technology developed as a result research into lung injury mechanisms. I helped develop the product from controlled environment testing to a field prototype, working to create both portable hardware and a lightweight but robust signals analysis protocol. Additionally, I delivered presentations to both public and private investors and created the majority of documentation associated with the device.

More recently, I have been working as a Medical Advisor with Genetic Foresight, working to deliver personalized precision medication recommendations to patients and advisors.


While experience is important for understanding and contextualizing challenges, where I truly excel is in my ability to synthesize novel solutions to problems, to work outside of established paradigms and inherent assumptions in an ingrained process. This has served me well in my formal employment history, but is also evidenced by a brisk and varied creative output. I invite the reader to explore the rest of this website for a sampling of this output.

Information Technology

I am facile with a number of the most common EMRs, including EPIC, Allscripts, and CPRS, and have experience with several others. I am also comfortable working within the Adobe Creative Suite environment and can confidently perform 3D modeling using SketchUp. Additionally, I am actively gaining coding ability to be able to more easily communicate with developers and analysts- currently I am developing skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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