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Short Films

Whether as part of an educational presentation, a graduation present, or a charity variety show, I have found a number of opportunities to prepare short films for public presentation. These works provided an opportunity to combine my passion for writing, collaboration, and problem solving to create a final product that communicates the goals of the project in an effective, entertaining, and memorable way.

Originally premiered at Doc Opera in 2015, "Ghost Consult" explored the complexities of the interaction between medical students and attending physicians through the lens of a supernatural thriller. Featuring career-defining performances from its cast of amateur actors, and with a near-religious faith in the power of post production, this Ed Woodian work culminates in a thrilling action sequence (beginning around the 6:14 mark). 

Created for my sister-in-law Claire's high school graduation, this video incorporated videos taken by her teachers, family, and friends, offering advice and benedictions as she prepared to go to college. Highlights include her family's first memories of meeting her, around 1:08.

Claire both cried and blushed throughout her first viewing, which speaks to the complete artistic success of this work. 

An educational work, the "Chapter 11 Review" informed the mind while captivating the heart. Using illustrative clips from telenovelas, recontextualized and re-subtitled, this work illustrated important accounting practices and pitfalls relevant to nonprofits, especially in the field of healthcare. 

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