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I have been engaged with healthcare in one aspect or another since 2010, when I worked as a translator in a free dental clinic in Trujillo, Peru. Since that time I have earned my master's in public health in Tucson Arizona, and worked in program evaluation for the Department of Epidemiology at the US Army's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

My formal medical education took me to Cleveland, OH. There I had clerkships in the Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth (Cuyahoga County's safety net hospital), and University Hospital, in both the inpatient and ambulatory setting. Since that time I have worked in a number of university, private, and VA hospitals throughout the western US, most recently completing my internship at UC Davis in Sacramento, CA. 

This breadth of experience has afforded me unique exposure to the realities of medical practice in different contexts, with different patient populations and resource constraints. I have developed an appreciation for the commonality of the core challenges of patient care as well as breadth of ways those challenges are approached.

Throughout my career, I have been most interested and energized by efforts to improve the way in which healthcare is delivered. These have included efforts to proactively deliver preventive care to hospitalized patients, connect patients to providers using information technology, and ways for patients to be active participants and advocates for their own care.

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